7 Ways To Win A Woman Over And Capture Her Heart

Do you want to learn some killer dating tips and techniques on how to win a woman over?

Well, as hard as this task might seem, the truth is that it’s pretty simple, provided you know what you are doing.

Check out the following 7 tips and you will learn how to make a woman like you back, go out on dates with you, and ultimately make her all yours. Or better yet, follow these Girlfriend Activation System steps provided by Newspapercat.org to get a woman to commit to you fully both physically and emotionally.

1. Be a gentleman

Today, women find it hard to believe there are men who can be termed “gentlemen.” It is not easy being one.

Gentlemanly acts include being punctual and available at the appointed hour, opening and holding the doors for your woman (including car and house doors), helping your date to her chair before you sit, offering your arm when walking with her, and being prepared to pay the bills after a date’s meal.

2. Cultivate your sense of humor

Man Making A Woman Laugh By Using HumorWomen, specifically, love to laugh. You need to show your woman that you can bring joy and fun to her life. This means learning how to make her laugh more often.

Try some clever shots, rather than cheap comments, crude jokes or suggestive comments. Find some great things to do and new avenues to explore to help you bring fun into her life. You’ll be able to appeal to her more, and she’ll be completely in love.

3. Groom like a pro

Believe it or not, women don’t like guys who look sloppy. Even that little belly fat may put her off. So, before you even start thinking of winning a woman’s heart, you’ve got to deal with your own.

Hit the gym, dress nicely, smell great, be confident and enhance your overall value in her eyes.

4. Compliment her sincerely

Complimenting a woman is easy, but challenging. Every woman wants to feel beautiful about themselves. The problem is always how to come up with the right compliment.

Understand how she views herself and reinforce that. Always compliment her looks, including her smile, eyes, clothes, style, hair and lips. Appreciate her physical, mental, spiritual and emotional attributes.

5. Show her that you are interested

Besides being interesting, you need to show your woman that you are interested. You are not going to show up in her life to take her for a friendly test drive. And again, she’s likely to sense it and it might make her feel unsafe.

So prior to pursuing, evaluate what you need to know about her and figure out if you are really drawn to her because it is going to help her trust you more.

6. Flirt with her

Step up a notch above the talks and compliments and show your woman what your game is all about. In the process, be confident and visualize success to help you score the winning touchdown when flirting with her.  Use the Desire System to create the type of sexual tension that turns her on.

7. Touch her

This is the right time to break the touch barrier. Start touching her gently, but only on her safe, non- threatening areas. You don’t want to be a creep.

This may include touching her hand lightly when making a point, touching the top of her shoulder when you want to draw her attention, or rubbing her back quickly when reassuring her about something.

Some women often feel threatened by this gesture and may pull away – a sign that you might have brought it a little too soon. However, if she doesn’t, then consider it a great success.