4 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Is your heart still pining for your ex? Now that you’ve had time to get your emotions in check, perhaps you’ve decided a breakup wasn’t a good idea after all. But what about your ex? How does he or she feel?

If your ex won’t tell you directly, then you’ll need to figure it out on your own. Here are 4 signs your ex wants you back.

Communicates With You Often

If your ex goes silent, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have no interest in you anymore. They might just need time away to figure out how they truly feel. On the other hand, if your ex constantly contacts you, even after the breakup, then it’s a pretty good sign he or she wants you back.

Staying in contact is a sign they aren’t ready to move on. They don’t want to completely end their relationship with you. Even if they contact you about negative things, staying in contact is a good thing because it means they still have feelings for you. Use a text judo sequence from Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore to turn your ex’s negative emotions into positive ones.

Shows An Interest In Your Social Life

Showing an interest in your social life is another sign your ex wants you back. For example, if your ex asks you if you’re seeing anyone else or wants to know what you’ve been up to and who you’ve been hanging out with. This is usually a way for your ex to gauge where they stand in your life. If your ex seems preoccupied with knowing details about your social life, then chances are, he or she is afraid of losing you for good.

Reminisces About The Past In A Positive Way

Does your ex talk about the past a lot? Do they bring up fun times you’ve shared together? Do they get a smile on their face when they talk about places you’ve been or things you’ve done together? If your ex views many past events in a positive way, then they may long to experience those things again. This is a good sign that indicates they aren’t ready to give up on you just yet.

Shows Jealousy

Uncontrolled jealousy is never a good thing. If your ex is the type who gets extremely jealous over little things, then they aren’t someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. However, a little bit of jealousy is natural and a good thing, because it indicates they care about you and have feelings for you.

So if your ex seems to get a little jealous when you talk about spending time with someone else, going on a date, or just going out without them, then chances are they still have feelings for you and would be open to the idea of getting back together.

These are all signs your ex wants you back. If you notice just one of them, then it may mean nothing. However, if you notice several or all of them in combination, then it becomes pretty clear your ex isn’t over you, and you can proceed with a plan to win them back.